"Platforms" at NYMF - 3 performances only!

I was invited to write music for the world premiere of a new dance musical at this year’s New York Musical Theatre Festival. This is the same festival Go-Go Beach debuted in last year.

The show, called Platforms, is an original dance narrative musical. The story was conceived by director Holly-Anne Ruggiero (Jersey Boys, 700 Sundays, Dracula) and bookwriter Delaney Britt Brewer. Five amazing choreographers collaborate to tell sections of the story thru dance and original music. Tony nominee Deborah Yates (“The Girl in the Yellow Dress” – Contact) stars with Ted Levy (Black & Blue, Jelly’s Last Jam) and a cast of many others.

Not to be confused with shows like Contact, which won Best Musical using a score of pre-existing canned music, Platforms will feature music written by me. The nymf.org page for our show just got updated with some of my music samples, so go take a listen.

Single tickets are already on sale. A purchase link is on the nymf.org show page. Three performances only on Oct 2 at 8pm, Oct 4 at 9pm, and Oct 6 at 1pm at The Theatre at St. Clements – 46th west of 9th ave.