NYMF Platforms reviews are in!

Brent’s show Platforms just closed its sold-out run at NYMF. Here are a few quotes from the reviews we’ve collected so far:

From BroadwayWorld.com’s message board, posted by whatever2 - Oct 2, 2007

saw “platforms” tonite – run, do not walk, to get tickets. it’s this year’s commissioned choreography piece, and simply stunning. a little like “contact” (even stars deborah yates!), but w/ a clever, modern, urban new york sensibility. simply brilliant.

From Backstage.com, reviewed by Ron Cohen - Oct 3, 2007

Lord’s recorded score beautifully evokes the show’s shifting moods… Platforms is an hour or so of the most intense and exciting dance you’re likely to see on any New York stage this season.

From nytheatre.com, reviewed by Josh Sherman - Oct 4, 2007

The original music, by Brent Lord, is perhaps the most inspired soundtrack of a theatre piece I’ve heard in quite some time. The choreography matches perfectly with each mood shift – the underscoring in each and every scene is precisely in tune with the dancers’ vocabulary of movement.

If you missed Platforms at NYMF this year, BroadwayWorld.com has a NYMF dance preview video that you can watch here. Their “tap-off” number is the first one after Kris’s interview.