An Easter Parade of "Darkly" publicity

Minnesota’s giant newspaper, the StarTribune, is running a feature about this weekend’s upcoming premiere of “Through A Glass, Darkly”. (If they ask you to pay, just delete your cookies…shhh!)

We hear it’s also on the front page of the print-edition Entertainment section. (btw, I don’t think we’ve ever sent anyone tapes. What, like 8-track?)

Then there’s Minnesota Monthly, who charmingly reduced this concert to “Meth: The Musical” (!). It’s a good feature tho.

Someone else ran an article titled something like “A Meth Mess”, which sounds like a review (it’s not - they meant meth addiction is messy). But I couldn’t find the link.

And, on YouTube, chorus member Vincent Doyle’s interview with Mike about the background of “Darkly”.