“Last Days of Left Eye” DVD release coming Sept. 9

“Last Days of Left Eye” is available for pre-order on Amazon for $17.99 and ships September 9.

If you’re still mad that Mo’nique’s “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School” preempted seeing our names in the credits, get yourself a copy and re-enjoy the movie too.

Click the image below to purchase from Amazon, and Frankie and Roscoe will get a scoop of food on you.

Last Days of Left Eye DVD art

This brings the number of titles in the FatLab DVD library to three — Waking Dreams, Through A Glass, Darkly, and now Left Eye.

(Netflixers, click here to add “Left Eye” to your queue.)


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  1. Did anybody know that a new Left Eye album is coming out soon? It will feature artists such as Tupac, Missy, Lil Mama and more. It comes out Jan 27th 2009 and its gonna be hottt!!!!

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