“Survivor: Live” opens today

Our Live Entertainment projects for this year include “Survivor: Live“, created by two longtime partners of FatLab Music — Joey Wartnerchaney of Manhattan Creative Group and RWS & Associates Entertainment, Inc. — and scored by me.

RWS, under agreement with CBS Television, is producing the first-ever live entertainment adaptation of the Emmy Award-winning television series, and I was thrilled to contribute the music.

The show involves audience volunteers presented with various physical challenges. For the show, I wrote an expanded theme song adapted from Russ Landau’s iconic “Ancient Voices”, plus arranged all-new tribal/hip-hop versions of “369 (feat. B.o.B.)“, M.I.A.’s “Galang“, and Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor“.

Two parks open their productions today — Denver’s Elitch Gardens and Oklahoma City’s Frontier City — with Buffalo’s Darien Lake to follow May 23. Performances are four times daily thru the end of each park’s summer season.


6 comments on ““Survivor: Live” opens today

  1. I just saw the Survivor: Live show in Denver and was blown away by the soundtrack. Do you know of any plans on it becoming available for public consumption?

  2. Hey Dave —

    No plans for a soundtrack, sorry. We do keep track of requests so that we can help CBS and RWS determine the interest, so thanks for asking!

    If there ever is one, you know we’ll be sure to announce it here tho.

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