Taping for “Man of the People” continues…

(It’s never on “tape”, but you get it.)

Today at our second-to-last recording session for Man of the People, we are joined by even more Broadway talent!

Stephen DeRosa guest stars as insult comic Cappy Goldstein in Episode #8 “The String Kids” airing October 14. Hunter Foster and Brad Oscar are political consultants Doc and Wendell in Episode #9 “How To Lose An Election” airing October 21.

Don’t miss Episode #7: “The Lawn Law” which airs tomorrow. Signup for email notifications and join the MAN OF THE PEOPLE Facebook group, too.

New web comedy “Man of the People” online now

A new comedy web series I’m working on, “Man of the People“, went live yesterday. Episodes are free and posted each Tuesday until Election Day (Nov. 4). I am the audio producer and editor for the whole series, and we’re having a blast.

Think ‘The Nixon Tapes meets The Office’. Each episode is comprised of the “found” audio tapes of Francis “Woody” Woodson, the acting mayor of fictional small-town called Daltonville U.S.A., as he records his time in office for posterity (and for future autobiographers).

Created by Kleban Award-winner Jeremy Desmon and his team of writers and voiced by amazing Broadway theatre talent (including one of the current Jersey Boys), each episode snatches an issue from the headlines of the 2008 election season and makes it local.

Our first episode, “Woody Takes on Childhood Obesity” was posted yesterday. Next week, “Woody Battles Big Oil” (canola oil) followed by the Reverend Wright-inspired “Mr. Doug’s Haircuts for Boys”.

To listen, just visit woody4mayor.com. There is a web-based player for each episode, or subscribe to our iTunes podcast feed to automatically download (and sync to your iPod) each episode mp3 (and sync’d to your iPod) when it’s posted.

You can also signup for an email notice, subscribe to the RSS feed, and join the “Man of the People” Facebook group.

Man of the People

Audio producing and editing by Brent Lord for an 11-episode audio sitcom released online as a weekly podcast. Created by Kleban Award-winner Jeremy Desmon and voiced by Broadway’s Sebastian Arcelus, Linda Gabler, Michael Thomas Holmes, Russell Koplin, and Lauren Weisman. Guest stars included Stephen DeRosa, Hunter Foster, Nancy Opel, Brad Oscar & David Rossmer.

The first episode was released online on 8/26/08, with new episodes posted every Tuesday thru Election Day, 11/4/08.