Hair Of The Quam

Everyone knows a drunk dialer. Ours leaves messages.

“Four martinis and three glasses of wine” after the ’02 Bill & Hillary Christmas Party, our dear friend Matt Quam left three long messages in a row on our answering machine. Of course we kept them.

A few days later, there was music and a lyric, and to top it all off, our favorite spur-of-the-moment diva Lisa Howard (currently starring in Spelling Bee on Broadway). When you hear her, keep in mind it was 10am(!) when she hit those notes. We tracked everything and debuted a finished mix for Matt and friends that night, New Years Eve ’02 (into ’03), immortalizing his drunk dialing forever.

Hair Of The Quam
Messages by Matt Quam
Vocals by Lisa Howard and Mike
Music by Mike
Produced by Brent
(c) and (p) 2002 FatLab Music