Overheard in the Theatre

Overheard at the GMCW concert And I Am Telling You, Lisner Auditorium, Washington DC 6/05/11
The first half was the world premiere of Alexander’s House.
The second half featured a special appearance by Jennifer Holliday.
Orchestra center aisle, from the two sitting right behind us.

Before the concert:

The second half can only be better than the first… 11 songs in the first half? Hopefully it will go fast.

At intermission:

Well, I don’t know how Jennifer Holliday will top that.

Overheard in the Theatre

Overheard at Anyone Can Whistle, New York City Center 4/09/10
Orchestra Right, row E – behind us as the curtain falls on Act 1:

Well, they ought to be ashamed of themselves! That is no way to end a season…
I think their voices have to be shrill to do what the music was composed to do. Well, they did it cuz it’s his 80th birthday.

Overheard in the Theatre

Overheard at [title of show], Lyceum Theatre, 7/31/08
Before the show, Orchestra Left, Row G.

A: I’m going this show next week that Whoopi Goldberg is in.
B: Do you know what it’s called?
A: No. Someone from work organized it. I mean, it’s not like work is paying for it, but…oh here. Xanadu.
B. Xanadu? Are you sure?
A. Yeah.
B. You know who was in the movie, don’t you? Olivia Newton John. Is Whoopi in the lead?
A. I’m sure she would be.
B. Wow. She is a far, far cry from Olivia Newton John.