Music and game design by Michael Shaieb and Brent Lord, website by Brent Lord for our first iPhone app partnership with Ben Britten (programming and artwork). “Snowferno” is an original rolling ball puzzle game for iOS devices. Navigate the original ‘snowball in hell’ through the Earth to where cold weather awaits on the other side. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, a cave containing 20 unique puzzle challenges becomes your own personal hell standing between you and Winter.

RC2 of Snowferno out to beta testers – maybe final build?

If we don’t find anything tragic in this build, we’re gonna submit the current beta (Release Candidate 2) OF Snowferno to the App Store.

I searched the App Store for “hell” and came up with a slew of gory and disturbing games, which we’re certainly not. As long as that concept is okay for the store, I see no other reason we would be denied. But, still we’ll have our fingers crossed. It’s our first app, our baby!

In the meantime, the Leaderboard is completed and live. I’m actually quite proud of my own scores. (In spite of the fact that I knew *how* to solve most of the puzzles, you still have to *do* it. It’s more challenging than it seems!) And here’s another trailer:

Read more on our Snowferno development blog:

Snowferno iPhone Game Beta Released Tonight

Our first foray into the world of iPhone Apps officially entered beta tonight.

It’s Monday morning in Melbourne, Australia, where Ben just posted the first beta build (b0.9.2) to the Snowferno website.

If you want to play the game before anyone else — for free! — let us know:

We’ll be able to add new device IDs in a week or so. Barring any huge bugs, we are aiming to submit to the App Store in about 10 days. is live

The website for our upcoming iPhone game collaboration with Ben Britten is now live. Check out for details, screenshots, development blog, and hear some clips from the soundtrack.

You’ve heard the saying — but where did it all begin?
Who was that snowball, and what exactly was it doing in Hell?

Snowferno is a new take on the classic marble roller game – set (very) loosely in the 9 rings of Dante’s Inferno, with 20 puzzle challenges & starring the original “Snowball-in-Hell”.

Programming and artwork are by Ben. Mike and I are writing the music and designing (most of) the levels. We are nearing a beta release and hope to hit the iTunes App Store early July.