Duke Kahanamoku’s Roadsters and Jalopies

Duke who? (Duke ka-HAH-nah-MO-koo.) Here’s a short history and photos of his statue on Waikiki Beach. He’s called by many the “Father of Surfing” and a hero to most any surfer, including Woody, the lead character in our stage musical “Go-Go Beach” (book & lyrics by John Wimbs).

Woody’s big plan for the gang after graduation centers around a Used Car Lot he is about to inherit from his girlfriend’s father. A few scenes later, their flower-child pal Bulldog returns from San Francisco and has a few things to say about the blasphemy of naming a used car lot after the Duke, but until then it’s just the boys having some fun in the 1966 California sun!

Austin Miller as "Woody" in the new musical GO-GO BEACH, book and lyrics by John Wimbs, music by Michael Shaieb and Brent Lord, at the New York Musical Theatre Festival 2006. Photo © BEN BRITTEN SMITH.

So, here is Austin Miller, star of the 2006 NYMF production of Go-Go Beach, and more recently “Hot Danny” from the NBC reality show “Grease: You’re The One That I Want”, singing the song “Duke Kahanamoku’s Roadsters and Jalopies”.

Exclusive stage performing rights are represented by Theatrical Rights Worldwide. Hey theatre folks — put Go-Go Beach on your next season!

Duke Kahanamoku's Roadsters and Jalopies
Lead vocal by Austin Miller
Add'l vocals by Mike, Matt Hinkley, and a lot of other folks that helped out on "Surf's Up"
Lyric by John Wimbs
Music by Brent
Produced by Brent
(c) 2001 (p) 2007 John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, Brent Lord