Airfoil Speakers Touch app is a great tool for iPhone devs

As I wrote previously, Rogue Amoeba’s just-released iPhone app “Airfoil Speakers Touch” is a slightly baffling piece of software with limited use in practice. I don’t think that much of the criticism it is getting in iTunes App Store reviews is their fault though, and the upcoming 3.0 SDK features may let Rogue Amoeba finally create what users think this app will do (and what they really want – Airfoil for iPhone!). But, for now, it’s baffling.

As a composer embarking on scoring my first iPhone game, however, I now see a tremendous use for this. Our audio system has great studio speakers, but iPhone music has to be optimized for audibility over the tiny phone speaker as well. Instead of the laborious “export, mp3, copy to iTunes, sync, iPod play” routine, I can simply hijack Live or DP and beam the audio to my phone. Tweaks made on-the-fly are immediately heard.

A phone call will still interrupt the audio with no option to resume, and I still can’t control the host from within the app… but it did just make my workflow much simpler.