DP6 Bugs Fixed in Digital Performer 7

MOTU released DP7 recently, and we’ve just installed our upgrade and 7.01 patch. I was very pleased to find that DP7 fixes many bugs introduced in DP6.

  • All Open/Save dialog boxes now remember their last window size, position, & column widths.
  • All sidebar panes in the Consolidated Window now have consistent click-through behaviors. In DP6, if for example the Sequence Editor was popped out and in the foreground over the Consolidated Window, clicks to the body of only certain background Consolidated Window panes would bring that window to the foreground. The problem tabs that are now fixed are Snap Information, Cursor Information, Event Information, Selection Information, and Track Selector. (NOTE: The exception is Track Selector, where clicking items leaves its focus in the background as you would hope, while a click to the tab itself or the pane’s border now brings the window to the foreground.)
  • Double-clicking to enter and leave the “Conductor” track in Graphic Editor is fixed. In DP6, if you double-clicked the “Conductor” track in the Tracks window, it would not switch the Graphic Editor (i.e. “MIDI” tab) to the “Conductor” track, even though Preferences > Edit Windows > Default Edit Windows > Conductor Track was set to “Graphic Editor”. The only way was to select “Conductor” from the Graphic Editor’s mini-menu track list. Conversely, if Conductor was the active Graphic Editor track, it would not respond to a MIDI track double-click either. The only way to exit the Conductor track graphic view was also through a mini-menu selection.
  • More compatible with SampleTank (v2.5.3). DP6 was able to include SampleTank in Bounce to Disk operations without having to freeze or print the track audio, but the instrument’s behavior was always erratic if the VI window was closed. Possibly related to the window having to remain open, Bounce operations would sometimes take up to 5 minutes to begin. This delay also appears to be fixed in DP7.
  • Fully compatible with Omnisphere (v1.0.4g). Omnisphere is now also able to be included in Bounce operations without freezing or printing the audio first. (Yay!) Previously, Bounce operations would kick Omnisphere into “Stack” mode, screwing up all your patch and output settings, and requiring you to close and reopen the file to restore.

There are possibly many more things fixed, but these were specific DP6 gripes checked off my list.

CPU usage seems much improved, and I’m a huge fan of the UI refinements (namely the more slender automation line weight) and the inline channelstrips. After a bumpy DP6 ride, I feel in good hands again.