Frankie is a Shaieb

Frankie is a Yellow Lab… who doesn’t like car rides or swimming. We think it’s because she has an ear thing which makes her get car sick, and hates getting water in her ears. She tries to keep her head way up when she swims which makes her butt sink.

We take her swimming every Saturday morning to help her elbow, which she had a problem with when she was a puppy. Since she’s not the best swimmer, we find it helps for her to wear a life vest and a neck float. So embarrassing! (It kills me, so hilarious - We love her :) .)

Frankie is Lab??? Nope - she's a Shaieb!  Right, Lynn?
Frankie is Lab??? Nope - she’s a Shaieb! Right, Lynn?

I have a theory that “Shaiebs sink” … and Frankie is definitely a Shaieb.